Solve brand challenges in
a one day workshop


Branding workshops are the best way to relaunch, refresh or revamp your brand. Our half day workshops are perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

There’s a big demand for unique brand identities and tone of voice, to help differentiate a businesses whilst attracting new customers and increasing brand loyalty. If your business needs repositioning or to launch a new product, our branding workshop will help you determine your brand positioning and tone.

Typical objections to branding

When you’re looking at rebranding or creating a brand it’s important to look beyond the logo. Tone of voice, your target market and USP’s are more important. Branding workshops will help you get the answers you need.

What makes your business different?

How can you stand out in a crowded industry?

Who are your key stakeholders?

What are your values?

What are your customer personas?

What is your tone of voice?

It is important to establish exactly what it is that your business represents. A brand is more than just a logo; you need to have a clear understanding of key brand information such as who are your major stakeholders, what are your core values, what are your customer personas, what is your positioning and what is your brand’s Tone of Voice.

If you do not have this information, then you should invest in a brand workshop to answer these and many other questions that are needed to build a professional and commercially orientated brand identity, not just a logo.

Yes, you can but it will be a lot harder and will most likely cost more to remedy in retrospect. A poorly crafted identity means you are communicating the wrong values and messages to customers and stakeholders alike. Trying to change these established opinions can prove incredibly challenging and take a lot of time, effort and money. A clearly defined brand strategy can form the fundamental bedrock that you build your business or product upon.

A professionally delivered brand workshop provides this clarity and confidence from day one and is invaluable in conversations with both suppliers and customers.

Again, you can; but you shouldn’t be surprised if your needs and expectations change depending on workloads, pressure and budgets. It can be very easy to make changes to a brand identity as and when various challenges arrive and before soon you start to lose any consistency, and your brand integrity starts to fail.

One of the outcomes of a branding workshop is a strategically-positioned creative brief that enables an identity to be created along with professional brand guidelines. It is these guidelines that allow your brand to be applied to any and all marketing communications and ensures that your brand is consistent and maintains its integrity.

What Do You Get?

A fully immersive, value-packed workshop with industry leading advice followed by a comprehensive report of eye-opening insights and strategic recommendations to help you build a powerful brand and culture from the inside out.

Achieve Team Consensus

Engage Employees

Uncover Your Personality

Align on Objectives

Who Is It For?


C-Suite Leaders


Brand & Marketing Teams


How does it work?

Interactive half day branding workshop, led by Happy Lucky’s founder

Supplies and materials included

Brainstorming activities

Live sketch note artist to capture all the best ideas

Fully catered

So what brand workshop do I need?

Your requirements should dictate the workshop you attend; don’t settle for ‘cookie cutter’ solutions. Drop us an email and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke solution.