We’re a collective of passionate creative individuals who embed themselves into your business to truly understand what makes your business different. Our creative and strategic talents, allows us to identify the magic within your brand/business and help bring that to the surface. We’re an extension of your business, your go-to heroes, your ideas people and most importantly, we’re here to make you happy.

We believe in creating magic

We believe that there’s magic all around us, we aim to create a special kind of magic that will help foster success for your business. The magic that results in brilliant and innovative campaigns. The kind of magic that gets tongues wagging, magic that makes you stop and marvel. It’s a big statement, but we believe in ourselves, our passion, our thirst for excellence and most importantly we believe in our own brand of magic.

We believe in having fun

We’re perfectionist, we take immense pride in our work, but we’re never too serious, fun is at the essence of everything we do at Happy Lucky. We’re small but nimble, young but smart and most of all clever but never smug.

We’re not followers of fashion

We deliver work that goes above and beyond our clients brief, our work stands out because we go after the human heart and not their eyes. At Happy Lucky we’re obsessive about creating emotional connections, building beautiful brands with a strong purpose and most importantly making our own luck.

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