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The hunger to learn, develop and discover new skills are key to what we do at Happy Lucky. To help our friends (we don’t use the word clients at Happy Lucky) stay ahead of their competitors we must stay in the loop, be on the bleeding edge of innovation and understand how best to help them achieve their objectives. We’re here to make them look good but most importantly we’re here to make them happy. The world is ever-changing, we understand the need to adapt by the second not by the minute, the hour or the day. We harness the power of Ai, automation, a lot of geeky software, hardware and algorithms to get the job done. We don’t believe in opinions, we believe in data and use it to help our friends reach their goals.


Happiness is at the heart of what we do at Happy Lucky. We’re here to make life easier for our friends. We make them happy by not only getting the job done but exceeding their expectations, helping them achieve their KPI’s and wow everyone around them. We also value happiness within Happy Lucky, our peers mental health and wellbeing is extremely important to us. We look out for one another, we spend 2 days a week volunteering for No Stigma our sister company and charity. We believe that doing good and giving back to the community is good for our business and our own happiness.


Unlike traditional agencies, at Happy Lucky we make sure our friends know we’ve got their backs. We do this by holding monthly discovery sessions to make sure they know what’s going on within their industry and share any bright ideas with them. We make our own luck at Happy Lucky. We don’t wait for our friends to come to us with a brief, ideas or projects we’re their ideas people. We go to them and pitch our latest ideas, by doing this we create our own luck.

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